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Warwick Hills Golf Club

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Project Overview


Warwick Hills Golf Club, an esteemed establishment known for its pristine courses and long-standing traditions, was recognized for offering good service to its members. However, with increasing expectations of discerning members desiring a more refined and consistent service experience, the club sought ways to enhance its service offerings and create a more dependable environment.

Problems We Identified

The Challenge

While Warwick Hills had a commendable service standard, the challenge lay in transforming ‘good’ to ‘exceptional’. The club aimed not just for surface-level improvements, but a foundational shift in service culture that could consistently impress its discerning members and set new benchmarks in the industry.

Our Recommendations

The Solution

To address this, our team initiated the process by implementing our foundational templates, focusing on the Sequence of Service, detailed service roles by position, and deep-rooted product knowledge, regarding the club’s dining and beverage offerings. Recognizing the unique ambiance and requirements of a golf club like Warwick Hills, customization became a pivotal aspect. Collaborative sessions were organized with club stakeholders to tailor the training tools to Warwick Hills’ specific needs.

Our hands-on approach encompassed both on-site training sessions and workshops. By immersing the staff in the philosophy of genuine hospitality, they were trained to view service not just as a task, but as an art, ensuring every member felt valued and catered to.


Outcomes & Insights


The results were transformative. With a new-found emphasis on service excellence and hospitality, Warwick Hills Golf Club saw a significant improvement in member satisfaction. Feedback highlighted the club’s newfound ability to offer consistent, refined, and dependable service, setting Warwick Hills apart as a leader not just in golf, but in exceptional member experiences.

Member retention and referrals grew, with many members specifically citing the elevated service levels as a prime factor in their continued loyalty. The club’s staff, armed with a deeper understanding of their roles and the importance of each interaction, showcased increased morale and confidence in their day-to-day operations.

What We Learned


The journey with Warwick Hills Golf Club reaffirms the importance of tailored service training programs in enhancing the overall experience of club members. With a blend of foundational tools and customization, establishments can successfully elevate their service offerings, making every interaction a testament to genuine hospitality and excellence.

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