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Is something not right in your business? Is your bottom line not where it should be? Is your employee turnover too high? We can help. As one of the top restaurant consultancy firms, Kezner Consulting Group specializes in helping restaurants diagnose and improve all aspects of their operation with our restaurant and bar consulting services.

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How Our Restaurant Consultancy Helps Existing Restaurants  

Our mission is to equip you with a full suite of restaurant consulting services, empowering your restaurant to thrive from the groundwork up. We commit to fostering operational efficiency, culinary distinction, and financial robustness in your venture.

Step One

Vision and Status Assessment

We start with a full revaluation of your business. We will look at everything from your P&L, POS reports, Labor reports, training programs, and operating procedures.  We then conduct an in-person site visit where we watch the restaurant in action and meet with your key leaders.

Step Two

Customized Consulting Solutions

Following the initial assessment, a tailored package of bar and restaurant consultancy services and tools is crafted to align with the specific needs identified. This customization may encompass a financial review and projections, meticulous menu development and engineering, staff recruitment strategies, and optimization of the restaurant’s layout for efficiency. Additionally, advising on operational software, developing training programs, establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), reinforcing concept development, managing vendor relations, and providing branding support are integral components. Each element is selected to fortify the restaurant’s framework for robust operations.

Step Three

Ongoing Support

In this final phase, our restaurant consultants provide steadfast support and resources that are pivotal for the restaurant to operate with the sophistication of an established business. We deliver ongoing coaching, tools, and services tailored to ensure a seamless reopening. Our commitment extends beyond the launch, offering continual assistance as the restaurant navigates new operational challenges. This enduring support is designed to solidify the restaurant’s presence in the market and facilitate long-term success.

Digital Tools & Templates

Evaluation Tools

Digital Tool

Restaurant Evaluation Report 

The report is a culmination of our comprehensive evaluation and insights. It is rich with actionable recommendations tailored to your restaurant’s unique needs and growth potential. Serving as a roadmap, this report equips your establishment with strategic direction, ensuring informed decisions and optimized operations.

Digital Tool

Interactive Opening Checklist

Our state-of-the-art Interactive Opening Checklist is your go-to resource. It covers every aspect of restaurant opening, from initial ideas to sourcing designers and builders, training, and finally, opening day. This tool allows you to assign tasks, request updates, and communicate with stakeholders seamlessly. You can visualize tasks as spreadsheets, Gantt charts, or cards, set deadlines, and customize it to align with your project and goals. With files, photos, and comments all in one location, you have complete control over your restaurant’s opening journey.

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