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Menu Engineering

In the world of gastronomy, while the ambiance and the dishes often steal the limelight, the unsung hero shaping a restaurant’s success is the art of menu engineering. A well-engineered menu does more than just list your offerings—it strategically drives profitability, enhances customer experience, and plays a pivotal role in brand perception. Additionally, restaurant menu engineering fosters a sense of purpose and value among employees, enhancing morale and retention. Overlooking the significance of menu engineering is akin to overlooking the heart of your restaurant operation.

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Comprehensive Solutions for Success

How Restaurant Menu Engineering Works

Our menu engineering mission is to elevate your restaurant’s potential by meticulously crafting and refining your menu. We aspire to turn your offerings into irresistible choices for patrons, optimizing profitability and enriching the dining experience.

Step One

Strategic Menu Analysis

When diving into the intricacies of restaurant menu engineering, the classification of menu items stands as a cornerstone. Each dish and drink, based on its profitability and popularity, can be categorized as Stars, Plow-Horses, Dogs, or Cash Cows. Understanding these categories is not just a theoretical exercise; it provides actionable insights. For instance, Stars, being both popular and profitable, can be the highlights of your promotional activities, while Plow-Horses, popular but less profitable, might be ripe for a strategic cost review or price adjustment. We’re here to optimize your brewpub menu, happy hour menu, or spice up any menu that you’re currently working on.

Step Two

Menu Design and Psychological Crafting

The presentation of your menu plays an indispensable role in shaping diner choices. Harnessing proven design techniques and insights from menu psychology, our menu engineering will transform your menu into a compelling narrative. From strategic layout and hotspot utilization to the subtle nuances of color and font, we ensure every detail is tailored to guide your patrons’ choices effectively. By creating a synergy between the tangible delights of your dishes and the intangible allure of design and psychology, we promise an enhanced dining experience that boosts both patron satisfaction and your bottom line

Digital Tools & Templates

Menu Engineering Tool

Digital Tool

Restaurant Evaluation Report

The report is a culmination of our comprehensive evaluation and insights. It is rich with actionable recommendations tailored to your restaurant’s unique needs and growth potential. Serving as a roadmap, this report equips your establishment with strategic direction, ensuring informed decisions and optimized operations.

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Case Study

Menu Engineering

Revamping Profit Margins with Kezner Consulting's Menu Engineering

A beloved restaurant in Yakima Washington, was grappling with escalating food costs that threatened its profitability. Despite having a steady stream of loyal customers and an expansive menu, its financials painted a concerning picture. With a staggering food cost of 47%, sustainability and growth seemed distant dreams. Enter Kezner Consulting.

Comprehensive Solutions for Success

Other Services

Kezner Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services designed to address the diverse needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in a competitive industry. Here are some of the services we offer:

Menu Development

Our ambition is to curate a menu that mirrors your restaurant’s unique spirit, seamlessly blending culinary elegance with savvy business acumen. We strive to present offerings that not only resonate with your patrons but also elevate your brand’s stature.

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Restaurant Evaluation

Our comprehensive evaluation services provide you with a detailed analysis of your restaurant’s performance. We assess everything from customer service and menu offerings to financial health and staff management.

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Feasibility Studies

We assist in the financial planning of your restaurant, helping you create accurate proformas and restaurant feasibility studies. These essential documents will guide your investment decisions and financial forecasting.

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Real Estate and Developer Support

In the dynamic world of real estate development, the integration of food and beverage (F&B) services is a critical component for success.

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Bar Consulting

Elevate your bar with Kezner Consulting’s bar consulting services. From operational analysis to customized strategy development and implementation, we offer comprehensive support to create unforgettable experiences that drive revenue.

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Hospitality Consulting

Hospitality isn’t just part of the service industry; it’s the soul of every memorable encounter and the driving force behind customer loyalty. It’s what sets a business apart in an industry saturated with choices.

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Food & Beverage Consulting

Staying ahead is pivotal in an industry where food and beverage standards are continually evolving. Our food and beverage consultants are at the forefront of the culinary world, bringing innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of each establishment.

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Cost of Goods Improvement

Controlling the cost of goods is crucial for profitability. We utilize our propriety tools and proven problem-solving methods to help you find and permanently fix any of your elevated Cost of Goods categories.

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Labor Cost Consulting

Labor costs can significantly impact your bottom line. We provide insights and strategies to manage labor costs effectively while maintaining service quality.

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Operations Consulting

Efficient and well-documented operating procedures are the backbone of a successful restaurant. We help you establish and optimize your processes to enhance productivity and consistency.

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Restaurant Opening Consulting

Planning to open a new restaurant? We offer expert guidance from concept development to launch, ensuring a smooth and successful opening.

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Turnaround Consulting

Our seasoned restaurant turnaround consultants act as mentors, providing ongoing support and guidance. We work closely with you to identify areas for improvement and implement effective strategies.

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Menu Engineering

In the field of menu engineering, we specialize in strategically redesigning menus for increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Service Training

Our team of experts has extensive experience in the restaurant industry. We offer specialized service training programs that cover various aspects of restaurant management, from front-of-house operations to kitchen management.

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