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Seattle, Washington, known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultural diversity, has earned a well-deserved reputation as a culinary mecca. For those in the restaurant industry, Seattle is more than just a location; it’s a place where innovation, diversity, and passion converge to create an exceptional dining experience.

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How We Add Value to the Seattle Restaurant and Bar Industry

Seattle’s dynamic food scene is where our consultancy shines, offering services tailored to the specific needs of restaurants and bars. We leverage the city’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, aiming to elevate your business. Our strategies are designed to captivate Seattle’s diverse culinary audience, guiding you toward success in a competitive landscape.

Feasibility Studies

Evaluate the potential success of restaurant concepts, taking into account market demand, competition, and economic factors within Seattle’s dynamic culinary scene.

The increasing costs regarding real estate, food, and labor in Seattle are challenges we help you navigate to assess your concept’s feasibility effectively.

Restaurant Evaluation

Analyze operational efficiency, financial performance, and customer satisfaction to pinpoint improvement opportunities for establishments.

In Seattle, labor shortages and rising product costs are pressing issues we address to improve your restaurant’s performance and customer experience.

Menu Development

Design menus that embrace the region’s rich bounty of ingredients and reflect contemporary dining trends, appealing to a diverse clientele.

Seattle’s evolving consumer trends, including health and sustainability concerns, guide our approach to helping you innovate your menu offerings.

Service Training

Tailor training programs to elevate the dining experience, focusing on excellence in customer service that meets the high expectations of local and visiting patrons.

The challenge of employee shortages in Seattle underscores the importance of our comprehensive service training solutions.

Menu Engineering

Use strategic analysis to optimize menu design and pricing, ensuring profitability while catering to the preferences of a discerning Seattle audience.

We tackle the balance between rising food costs and customer pricing expectations, optimizing your menu for profitability.

Turnaround Consulting

Implement strategies to rejuvenate underperforming venues, focusing on operational enhancements, market repositioning, and financial adjustments.

Addressing Seattle’s competitive dining scene, we guide you through the necessary changes to revitalize your business.

Bar Consulting

Improve bar operations and profitability, emphasizing innovative cocktails and the utilization of local spirits.

We help you stand out in Seattle’s saturated market, enhancing your bar’s appeal and profitability despite the rising costs of goods.

Restaurant Opening Consulting

Navigate the complexities of launching a new venture, from initial planning to successful market entry.

The challenges of high startup costs and navigating Seattle’s regulatory landscape are areas where our expertise significantly benefits your new venture.

Operations Consulting

Enhance operational efficiencies to boost customer satisfaction and profitability, with a commitment to sustainable practices.

In Seattle, the pressure to adopt sustainable and eco-friendly practices is a challenge we help you meet without sacrificing profitability.

Labor Cost Consulting

Address the challenge of managing labor expenses effectively, considering the local regulatory environment and staffing needs.

We offer strategies to navigate Seattle’s increasing labor costs while maintaining a competitive edge.

Cost of Goods Improvement

Advise on reducing costs through effective inventory management, vendor negotiations, and minimizing waste.

Rising food and supply costs in Seattle demand our expert advice to keep your menu affordable yet high-quality.

Food & Beverage Consulting

Develop compelling food and beverage programs that stand out in a competitive market, highlighting local inspiration and innovation.

We address the need for continual adaptation to Seattle’s rapidly changing consumer preferences and sustainability concerns, ensuring your offerings remain relevant and appealing.

Culinary Traditions

Seattle’s culinary traditions reflect its rich cultural tapestry and natural resources, with a strong emphasis on:


Embracing the abundance of fresh seafood from the Puget Sound and Pacific Ocean, with dishes featuring salmon, oysters, and Dungeness crab.


A commitment to local, sustainable agriculture, showcasing seasonal produce and artisanal products from the surrounding farmlands.

Coffee Culture

The city’s deep-rooted coffee culture, with a focus on artisanal roasting and brewing techniques.

Asian Cuisine Influence

The significant influence of Asian cuisines, particularly Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese, reflecting Seattle’s diverse population.

Craft Beer and Wine

A thriving craft beer scene and proximity to Washington’s wine country, highlighting local brews and vineyards.

Why Kezner Consulting Group?

At Kezner Consulting, we’re not just consultants; we’re your strategic partners in culinary success. We specialize in crafting bespoke solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities your restaurant faces. Leveraging deep market insights, operational expertise, and innovative strategies, we’re dedicated to optimizing your performance, elevating the dining experience for your customers, and driving sustainable growth. Let’s collaborate to transform your vision into reality, setting your establishment apart in the competitive culinary landscape.

Challenges in Seattle

Challenges Facing Seattle's Restaurant Industry

While Seattle’s dining scene continues to thrive and innovate, it is not without its challenges. Like many cities across the United States, this city is grappling with several pressing issues in the restaurant industry that our Seattle restaurant consulting services are designed to address.

Labor Cost Increases

A foremost challenge Seattle’s restaurants face is the rising labor cost. As the city experiences economic growth and increasing minimum wage standards, restaurant owners must navigate the delicate balance between providing fair wages to their employees and maintaining profitability.

Employee Shortages

Like many places, the restaurant industry in Seattle has been affected by labor shortages. Recruiting and retaining skilled staff has become a significant challenge, leading to increased workloads for existing employees and, in some cases, reduced operating hours.

Product Cost Increases

The cost of goods, including food and supplies, is rising, impacting restaurant budgets and pricing strategies. Finding ways to manage these increasing expenses while keeping menu prices reasonable is a constant concern for restaurant owners.

Seattle's Culinary Tapestry

A Fusion of Flavors, Sustainability, and Innovation

Seattle’s dining scene is a vibrant tapestry of culture and flavor where local ingredients meet global culinary traditions. The city’s commitment to sustainability, thriving coffee culture, and flourishing wine and beer scene make it a culinary destination like no other and a Seattle restaurant consulting dream. However, the restaurant industry faces ongoing challenges, including rising labor costs, employee shortages, and increasing product costs. Despite these hurdles, Seattle’s culinary community continues to innovate and create memorable dining experiences, ensuring that the city’s food lives up to its stunning beauty. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Seattle’s dining scene is a testament to the power of diverse flavors and culinary passion.

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